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Monday, May 18, 2009


When you're dreaming with a broken heart

The waking up is the hardest part

You roll outta bed and down on your knees

And for that moment you can hardly breathe

Wondering was she really here?

Is she standing in my room?

No she's not

cause she's gone,




When you're dreaming with a broken heart

The giving up is the hardest part

She takes you in with your crying eyes

Then all at once you have to say goodbye

Wondering could you stay my love?

Will you wake up by my side?

No she can't,

cause she's gone,




Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?

Won't you get them if I did?

No you won't,


you're gone

by John Mayer

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I still remember...

I hated Chinese, I still do. But back then I didn't realize that when I was in standard 1. Teacher used to give us homework to practice writing Chinese words and at that time I was one small little lazy fart. Didn't want to do it at all, but with the presence of a mother waiting for her chance to obliterate her son the moment he slacks... I believe a standard 1 would know how to think twice.

When you first start to hold a pencil after a brief period of holidays and you start to write your first Chinese word, it does shake a lil. Then the writing goes haywire, but of course to me that time it was considered masterclass. Mom used to do the house chores at night after she finishes cooking, and I would be sitting at the dining table self-indulging my stupid "masterclass". Whenever mom reaches the dining table, she would always take a peek at what the hell I was writing, and if not for the word example written on top of the page, I kinda believe she would never be able to figure out what I was writing.

That's when she would hid her laughter, took the rubber, rubbed off my art, and before I knew it, she wrapped her hand over mine. She was teaching me how to write. Neatly. Since my hand was secured around hers, I tried to trace the outlines of her palm.

It wasn't smooth, it wasn't soft, and I wasn't expecting that.

But something more abstract was under her palm, and I felt warmth and comfort in it. I felt safe, I felt that everything could never go wrong. It took me very long to figure out how did she do that (I'll repeat I was standard 1 and naive), but I was happy, in a very unexplainable way.

Before I could comprehend it, mom took away her hand, and said THIS is the proper way to write. I broke my stare from her and shifted my eyes onto the writing. I saw perfectness from the point of view of a standard 1. Every line of the word flowed smoothly, and every edge was neatly curved. Stunned didn't really describe the state of feeling I was in.

From then on, I always dreaded for the moment teacher would give more homework on writing. Then I'd wait for the moment she starts cleaning up the dining table..

And I'll ask her how on earth I was supposed to get every word written.

"Happy Belated Mother's Day mom, I love you."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So college started... 1st day wasn't that bad, 2nd day was abit bad, but the 3rd day which is today, was fun. Got to know loads of people today and I think it's really starting to kick in now. Went into my classroom for the 1st time today, 27 of us, 15 gals 12 guys. Unfortunately 1 girl switched class. Was kinda disappointed bout that but I think I'll be fine. Didn't expect to meet some of the sam tet guys back here taking the same course with me. Makes things so much easier now.

House is small and damn freaking hot. Staying with a girl from Melaka at the moment and the rest aren't back from their holidays yet. And this girl is also shifting out at the end of this month. Damn it... But I'm still ok with this place for now.

Time in college seems to past by really fast. Gotta learn how to appreciate every moment before I regret bout it. For the first time in a very long time, I don't feel that I'm all alone.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'll be leaving today.

To everyone who made an impact in my life, no matter big or small, I want to thank you all. You guys are the best. And as in "you guys" I mean every single one of you, no exceptions. For the very least you guys kept me going sane all through these years, and now I'm gonna have to find new ones to keep me from going nuts as well. I know I might have hurt some of you over these few years or made you guys worried over me, but that also made me realize you're the kind of friend money can never buy.

I'm really reluctant to leave, I have to be honest. I don't know what's in store for me and I don't know how is it gonna be like there, I guess in short you can say I'm just afraid of what's to come. I'm gonna miss my parents, I'm gonna miss my tennis dudes, I'm gonna miss the gang whom we always hang out with, I'm gonna miss my home, I'm going to miss everything. And it's gonna hurt alot. Well... I'm not the only one going through this shit I suppose, so at least that's something positive to think about.

Sigh... It(the sigh) doesn't really explain the mood I'm in, but giving it out does make me feel a bit better though. So... For those who're actually gonna miss me, I'll be fine, I think. I'll search my own way out if things get bad, although it might give me a breakdown over the course. Learning process =/

I'll take care, so should you guys. I'll work really hard, and so should all of you. That's it I guess, time to sign out. I'm gonna miss you guys. I want to say it again but it won't help.


"Crying those tearless eyes."